You dream IT. We build IT

Predictable and measurable outsourcing for IT companies

  • We guarantee to deliver pre agreed quality according to your standards and procedures.

  • Our co-operation model is very cost effective and simple: you pay for a developer on a per month basis, and all supporting services to the developer (project management, graphical design, testing...) are included in that cost.

  • We can manage the complete life cycle of a project. The only input we need from you is a functional requirement.

Like having your own development company in India

Our aim is to be an extension of your IT operations. So that it actually feels that you have your own software development center in India. Even though we have a full fledged management team in place, our clients typically have control over how we work. We will generally use:

  • Your document templates

  • Your systems and procedures

  • Your coding standards and development methodologies

Yes! Your way of working! And if you don't have all of the above, you can use ours, included in the cost.


Process driven services for Master IT Craftsmen

From the very beginning, we have only worked for technology companies. That is what makes a partnership with us extremely different than with other outsource companies who are used to serve only end users.

Our processes are different from those of our colleagues, since we focus on the top niche of the market.  Our customers know exactly what they want and how they want. And they commonly have in house capacity to estimate the efforts required for that.

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