What Our Client Say

Steven DierckxVincotte

It was a great experience to work with Insoft. During the whole process of our project, there was a correct follow-up. Due to a strict cooperation, planning has been respected and ideas were immediately understood and implemented. We hope to continue our fruitful cooperation with Insoft in the future !

LindaTable Rock Trades

Insoft team helped me get my business launched with logo, label design, and website. Very professional group and created everything according to how I laid out the designs. I was very happy with their services.


Competent, reliable and professional company. They did a great job !

Wim HartmansBusiness senior Consultant

We cooperate with Insoft for over ten years now and hope to do so for the next decade. We are very impressed by the quality of the Insoft team working on our projects. Not only the code top quality (which many development houses can write) but the team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes to the table with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. Most impressive however is their dedication to us and our projects. Unlike nearly all SW houses in India, Insoft provides perfect working conditions, and as a result of that employees work for years for them. For me as a customer this is extremely important, I can really build, shape and train my team and this effort does not get lost because of job hopping.

Luc BraekmansConsultant

Insoft really meets our expectations in developing our new project. In a strict weekly planning, the project management has gradually built up this project. The demands of the enduser are worked out with substantiated suggestions and ideas from the Insoft developers. They can also identify with our practical needs, which were easily understood and converted into the application. The cultural and economic differences are no handicap for the European practice. We can only recommend their services.

Erwin De trochConsultant

It is almost incredible how easy it is to work "long distance" . It has always been the major concern for me and the reason NOT to start doing this.. But after the experience I have had, I can assure everybody there is no reason to worry about anything at all ! The combination between redmine (the project management tool) , Skype and regular mail makes a perfect collaboration perfectly possible. Coming to the core, which is of course the work itself : the speed and the quality of their work ( both on graphical and programming side) is just STUNNING ! I can write 5 pages about it, but this word simply says it all...