How we work

How to start working with Insoft

Starting up a cooperation with Insoft is extremely easy and straightforward. It is process driven and consists out of simple steps. We have started over 100 partnerships this way in the past 10 years:

Three steps to a successful partnership:

  • Appoint a Project Leader at your end. He will effectively lead the project from your end and communicate with the Insoft team on a daily basis. He also needs to inform us about your procedures and standards.
  • Identify a small non-critical test project (1 or 2 man months), and provide us with a functional description. This project is aimed at getting to know each other and eliminating all risks. We guarantee to start within 4 weeks.
  • Come to our offices in India for evaluation and improvement. And if our quality suits you, sign a long term contract and start the partnership.

What is your investment?

This one is easy: test projects have a fixed price of 3.000 Euro/ month/ developer, all costs included. And you decide how many developers you require.

All costs included means:

  • A full time programmer, in our offices, performing an average of 170 hrs. / month.
  • All required efforts of an analyst, a project manager, graphics design staff, a tester, a system engineer, and a technical writer to ensure that the programmer only needs to code. All other tasks are performed by specialists. All these tasks are also included in the montly fee of the programmer, as long as they are not used full time. Even when that e.g. would mean a combined usage of these resources of an additional 100 man hours.
  • Overhead, insurances, licenses, communications expenses.

What is your return?

Well, if you are located in Western Europe, your will gain from 50% (compared with a developer on the payroll) up to 80% (compared to a local software consultant). Needless to mention the lesser effort in people management. The choice is up to you.

Setting up your application development team at Insoft

  • You define your standards, procedures and the required skill sets for the development team. If you do not have standards and processes yet, we will propose those to you for your approval.
  • According to the needs of the partnership and the projects, we complete the team with added value profiles like a project manager, an analyst, a graphical designer, a system engineer, a testing team (QA) and user documentation authors. As stated before, those are included in the monthly fee for the developer, as long as they are not used full time.
  • We train you and your staff on how to interact with us, what to expect and not expect, our processes, our key people, so that you properly prepared for the new cooperation.


Project Manager


Writing Team


System Admin

Who does what in the partnership?

Clear agreements about who is responsible for what are an absolute must for a successful cooperation. These responsibilities are usually split up as described below, but may differ in special cases. These responsibilities will be clearly described in a work order for each project or period.

You, as a customer, are responsible for:

  • Scope Definition and acceptance criteria
  • Conceptual and Functional Design
  • Onsite Project Management
  • Onsite Testing
  • Implementation

We, as the extension of your team, are responsible for:

  • Technical Design
  • Offsite project management and planning
  • User Interface development - Graphic design
  • Coding
  • Offsite Testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance

Our team is your team

Your Project Manager has complete involvement in the management of the Insoft team:

  • Participation in building and selection of team.
  • You define the way of working : your standards and procedures are followed .(if you have them, If not, you can freely use ours)
  • Your Project Manager has full access to all individual team members.
  • Your Project Manager and the Insoft Project Manager jointly decide and agree on planning, milestones and deadlines.

Our Quality Assurance

In projects for end users, quality is usually defined by 6 main quality characteristics, namely:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Maintainability
  • Portability

Insoft however, usually works for IT - or technology companies. This requires a much more accurate and different set of quality characteristics. On top of that, they should be measurable in real time . Insoft self-tests its own work on a weekly basis and quantifies the quality level of a project at that time with the following parameters and in order of importance:

  • Look and Feel: users of an application "see" it before it the "use" it
  • Clear Specifications : a specification is clear when it is testable.
  • Documentation: proper documentation avoid later stress
  • Functioning as per the specification
  • Technical Architecture : if something is designed right, it should work better
  • Coding standards : the agreed standard of coding and commenting of the code
  • Code logic : how smart the code is built
  • Timely delivery

This set of variables judges the state of a project, seen from a much more technical point of view. Each project at Insoft is measured weekly like this, and results are communicated right through to top management.