For Whom?

Our Target Market

It is our strategy to set-up manageable development teams with a maximum of a few dozen of people. That is why we mainly work for small and medium-sized companies.

We have broad experience in application development for the most demanding technology companies. We have proven to understand what software companies need, how they want it, and when they want it. It is easy to understand that with such a track record, we can supply to any business company.


Our clients should shine - not us

Insoft has always taken pride in working from the back office. We never aimed to be in the spotlight.

Insoft is a support organization for many IT development - and technology companies, and has very strict Non Disclosure Agreements with all of them. We therefore cannot openly mention a list of references, even though we have many.

We will gladly provide you, in person, with a relevant list of references, custom sized for you and your business, after you send us a small message.

Do feel free to use the Quick contact form for the same.