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Remote Development

Remote Development is the all-in Offshore Development Centre service of Insoft. For a monthly cost per developer, our clients get the services of the Analyst...

Your own team in India

It does not matter if you are new to outsourcing or not. What scares most corporate in starting up with a new outsourcing partner is the communication issue.

  • How do I transfer my requirements, and how detailed do they have to be?
  • Will the guys at the other end of the globe really understand them?
  • Who will report to me, and how?
  • How do I report bugs and open issues, and will I be able to track them?
  • Will I have to transfer my knowledge once, or for every project again? And as if that is not bad enough, there is usually also the control issue.
  • Do I have a say in who works on my projects?
  • Can I communicate directly with the developers, and not be blocked off by a manager?
  • Do I have full technical control during the development phase?
  • Who controls my source code?
  • Can I decide myself on planning of my team?

If you are blurry about any of these questions with your current IT outsourcing partner, or if they are stopping you from starting at all, Insoft.com will be able to help. We have taken more than a few steps back and looked at things totally from our customers' point of view

Insoft only works for software companies

Unlike most offshore development companies, Insoft has firmly chosen only to work for IT companies. This requires a very specific work flow and we have built the entire company around that concept. We understand what software companies need, how they want it, and when they want it. Further more, this way we are never a competitor to our own customers.

Projects but dedicated long term teams

It is always a surprise to our prospects that we do not take on projects. But if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You would normally get a new team for every single project you outsource, and need to transfer knowledge and create a bond with the new team from scratch every single time, where as at Insoft that needs to happen only once. Other than in a usual offshore model, we build a team of people for you, along with you, to work at our offices in Chennai. This team will be with you as long as we are partners, across projects, so that after the startup period, it will actually feel as if you have hired your own staff in India. Some of our existing customers have even told us it feels like they have their own company in India.

Like having your own company in India

At Insoft, you are in control of things. You are involved in who is part of your team, and you have full technical control across all phases of development. And even though a Project Manager will help you supervise and guide your team, you have direct access to all of your developers. You decide how and when your source code is delivered, and what procedures we should follow. It does not matter what your team size is, one or fifty, after a few months, you will really see them as colleagues, and occasionally even come and visit the team to take delivery, or to discuss the next project. You will receive monthly invoices, exactly as if you would pay salary to your in-house staff.

Full option for the same price

Working only for software companies, we have learnt that you need more than just developers. That is why we provide full service through a number of value added departments. Our predevelopment team will help you make estimates and turn your functional specifications into technical specifications. This not only saves you lot of time, but also helps you check if we have really understood what you expect from us. Our graphical guys will help you with buttons, icons, templates and even logos and entire house styles. Our project managers can be your single point of contact if your team becomes too big, and our technical writers can create online help or user manuals. A full fledged Quality Assurance team makes sure your standards are met, and that procedures are properly followed. And all of this, included in the monthly cost of the developers.

Extremely affordable

Because of our extraordinary concept, we have proven to be extremely affordable. You will be more than pleasantly surprised to see our customized quotations for a monthly cost estimate. Please feel free to give us a call, or click the Contact Us page for extra information.


Insoft GrafX is one of our wonder departments. We design and deliver state of the art User Interfaces, complete with navigation; complete corporate...

About Insoft Grafx:

Insoft Grafx is a professional Creative team of Insoft.com Pvt ltd., We specialized in creating best-in-best Branding, website design, GUI designing, handheld applications, flash multimedia and print graphics.

Insoft Grafx having an integrated team of web programmers, web consultants, creative designers, content writers, SEO and online marketing professionals that know how to get online results.

Over these years our experience has been rated as the best service provider in the field gaining a perfectionist reputation with our customers. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies. For more than ten years, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Web Designing / UI designing
  • Interactive Flash Designing
  • E-mail Designing
  • Illustration / Vectorizing
  • Cartoon / Caricature
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Product modeling
  • Architecture Visualizing

Business Analysis

Analysis is key to any successful project. Insoft provides Business Analysis and Technical Analysis services, so that your project development life ...

SoftwareÔäós success lies in whether the Information Architecture and Technical Architecture have been executed well. Development and coding cannot help if the architecture has not been done correctly. Insoft can help you design your product. We have expert Systems and Business analysts who can deliver quality analytical services and provide you with solutions for your business needs.

Our Consultants will have joint discussions with you and analyze your business and functional requirements. These requirements are documented and presented for approval. Based on these requirements, usability design, technical solutions and feasibility are arrived. The technical solutions along with the architecture and design are documented. The estimations and cost analysis is also done.

Once this is prepared, your ideas or requirements have actually been given shape and are ready to be developed. You do not have to worry about whether the development team has understood your needs or business goals. The analysis documents will be able to guide the team for a successful development of the software.

Our consultants also have expertise in analyzing legacy systems. We work on them and reverse engineer the entire process and propose solutions that will help you keep pace with technology and growing needs.

We follow systems and procedures to ensure quality.

We are also into software development if you wish to continue development with us. At the end of the day we help our clients achieve success.

Internet Presence Management

Internet presence management (IPM) is a process in which many web - or internet based channels are used to promote a company. This greatly increases...

Make my company visible

Internet presence management (IPM) is a process in which many web - or internet based channels are used to promote a company. This greatly increases the visibility of such company and therefore its internet efficiency.

Modules offered are:

  • graphical designs, online house style design.
  • Websites, mini websites, linked landing sites
  • Search engine Optimization
  • e-commerce part,
  • email, email headers, signatures, templates
  • newsletters
  • integration into social networks, and the design of those
  • Blogs
  • Forums

Advanced modules are:

  • sales force integration
  • ERP integration
  • Web analytics

Insoft has been successfully supplying all these services separately for many years. They have now been integrated into a clear and transparent process which is priced per integrated module. For more info, please contact us

Third Party Testing

Third Party Testing is a major advantage if your company does not have specific testing resources and you still want your in house developed applications...

Testing is critical to the detection and elimination of defects, before users ever experience them. Insoft provides an independent check and balance to ensure that your organization or outsourcer is delivering a product that will not surprise and frustrate its users at a later time.


Many companies often do not have the resources or expertise required to conduct an entire set of tests before accepting custom software from a vendor. Insofts Third-party Testing services saves clients money through early error detection and prevention. And, before accepting software from the development vendor, clients clearly know the state of the application and can make informed decisions around resource leveling, contingency planning, deadlines and user expectations.


  • Identifies requirement issues (missing, ambiguous, and unclear) in the early development stages of the application.
  • Ensuring that we improve quality throughout the application lifecycle, not just towards the end.
  • Offering reliable and effective testing through world-class methodologies and deploying best of the test professional
  • Verifies that the technical design conforms to the requirements and expectations of the user.
  • Provides the client with an objective view of the readiness of the software at any given time
  • Reduces the client's workload by having an independent third party test the vendor built application, minimizing the chances a client will sign off and accept problematic software

Testing Services

Product Testing

Product testing is an integral part of the product development life cycle, starting from the requirement phase to the implementation phase. Our Product Testing Life Cycle includes a carefully worked out test plan for each phase of testing as well as release planning. Test cases are documented in detail to cover requirements and to include all scenarios for test execution.

Functional Testing

The first step towards functional testing is to understand the business requirements of application. Our teams refer to the business requirements specification and explore the application-under-test .

After analyzing the product, we document the tests to be performed on application in form of test cases. These test scenarios address the business requirements validation and also the other test criteria. We also identify and/or create the test data required for testing.

The test scenarios are executed for application functionalities and the defects/issues/gaps are logged into a collaborative bug tracking tool. Test execution also involves re-testing of application and tracking each issue to closure.

Usability Testing

Usability evaluation/analysis includes following

  • Observing the user experience and reporting usability issues
  • Identifying user interaction points and easy access points to help developer team to understand the user expectations
  • Using past experience and strong domain knowledge to reduce the non relevant functionalities and contents
  • Increasing user confidence ratio based on the user satisfaction evaluation.

Our 'low risks-high impact offerings are delivered utilizing a cost-effective and flexible offshore-centric delivery model. We specialize in incorporating proven systematic testing approaches and testing tools.

Software modernization

The skill to adapt and upgrade existing applications to their current maximum technological - and economical potential.

The skill to adapt and upgrade existing applications to their current maximum technological - and economical potential.

Do you recognize the following challenges?

  • I can no longer find hardware to run my legacy applications on
  • I have a server to run the application, but our new laptops can't access it, or they need to run a virtual machine.
  • They just stopped support for the operating system of my legacy application
  • My legacy applications cannot interface with new technology
  • I wish at least part of my application was web enabled
  • I can not find any more developers to maintain my applications or even worse:
  • The very last developer I had who knew the code, just retired
  • I think my applications are not documented well

If you recognized yourself in 2 or more of the situations described above, you should contact us.

Insoft provides coordinated, process driven legacy application migration services. And in most cases, we do not even need to rebuild what you already have. Call us for more information.

Onsite staffing

Onsite staffing is a new service in the company. More and more of our client requested long term onsite presence of our analysts, project managers...

People can make or break projects. They are a company asset. Experienced Professionals are hard to get. Insoft is dedicated to providing clients with the best Technology Consulting professionals to support vital projects and any short term needs. We are not a body-shopping or recruitment agency we are a professional consulting and offshore development company that realizes that many projects require an onsite presence to ensure success. Our continuous training and broad array of technical and business application experience in a variety of industries gives you immediate access to teams and individuals with the type of dynamic and diversified experience needed to rapidly solve problems and deliver solutions. At the end of the day we help our clients achieve success.

Sector Experience

Application development for multiple industries

Every business has distinctive requirements. To be one up over the industry competitors, a company needs software solutions designed to meet their specific business requirements. At Insoft, we know that one solution does not fit all customers. And we are committed to meeting the distinct, growing needs of individual businesses within the industries we serve.

With over 10 years experience across a broad range of vertical markets, Insoft has evolved its domain practice with dedicated expertise for each sector. Our solutions are tailor-made based on an in-depth knowledge of the issues and requirements that drive businesses in following industries:

Microsoft Technologies

  • Education
  • Health and Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and entertainment
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel
  • Transportation

Insoft industry solutions offer a winning combination of technology and business expertise. We have developed custom ERPs, CRM, portals, applications, hospital management systems, mobile applications on iphone, blackberry, symbian, e-learning solutions and logistics systems for the various industry verticals based on the unique needs of the clients.

Supported Technologies

Application development in multiple technologies

Insoft usually works for application development companies, IT companies or technology companies and follows their technology of choice. We are currently working in the technologies listed below. In case a specific technology is not available, our HR department recruits as per client specification. Insoft also has partnerships with all major training institutions and Universities, where current staff are retrained if required on short notice by certified instructors.

Microsoft Technologies

  • Web Application : Asp.Net, Silverlight, Ajax
  • Services : WCF - Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services 2.0 (.asmx), REST Web Services
  • Windows : WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation, Winforms - Windows Forms Application, Console Applications
  • Content And Portal (Intranet, Extranet and Internet) : Sharepoint 2010,2007, Sharepoint - Site Branding
  • Reports : Crystal reports, Microsoft Reports
  • Smart Devices : Windows Mobile Development
  • Tools : RAD Controls - DevExpress, Telerik, XCeed & Infragestics, ORM Tools - LLBGenpro, NHibernate
  • Database : SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008, 2005
  • BI Tools : SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services, SSAS, SQL Server Analysis Services, SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services
  • ESB : Biztalk
  • Unit Test : Nunit, Pex

Open Source Technologies

  • Server Side Scripting : PHP, PERL
  • Services : PHP Web services
  • Server : Apache, Lighttpd
  • Framework : Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla,Magento, Qcode, Ruby on Rails
  • Template Engines : Smarty, Xtemplate
  • Client Side : Javascript, Jquery, DOJO, Prototype
  • UI Programming : Flex, Flash, HTML
  • CMS : DNN, Alfresco
  • Database : MySQL, Postgress, Informix, Firebird

Other Technologies

  • Oracle : DB 8i/ 9i/ 10g/ 11g, Oracle forms / Reports
  • Delphi : Delphi XE - 7
  • Mobile : Android (Java, Flex), Iphone (Xcode, Flex)
  • Java Development : JSP, J2EE, J2ME, Struts, JSF Servlets, Swing, Spring, Hibernate
  • System Programming : C, C++, VC++
  • CMS : Sitecore, Umbraco
  • Designer tools : 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator